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What is G, N and P?

GNP is the world of Gene and Neil Norman, which began as jazz concert events in the 1940s and 50s. Billed as Gene Norman Presents these live events led to TV and Radio showcases, the music and comedy venues of the Crescendo the the Interlude, and now the caretaker of a catalog of diverse musical genres, administrator of a collection of treasured copyrights, and a fledgling producer of documentaries. Being independent means the freedom to do everything, and this site aims to be the crossroads by which visitors can explore and access our world.

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11 thoughts on “What is G, N and P?”

  1. Neil-We haven’t spoken for years. I hope you are doing great.We met at the LA Conservansey Christmas Party at UCLA a few years back.
    I was wondering if Buddy Merrill ever plays live. I’ve been listening to Out of this World, which I love! Just a heads up, I may be changing my internet address soon, so It may be safer to call or text me 626-319-9848. Look forward to hearing from you…

  2. I am a record collector. I am confused by the different colors of the 45rpm labels. Some are also marked Crescendo and some GNP Crescendo. Did they change in different years?

    1. Hi Alan, I’m not sure what difference the colour makes but Crescendo and GNP Crescendo are variants of our one trademark. GNP stands for Gene Norman Presents and Crescendo was the name of the club where some original recordings were made. Unless there is a hard date line where one is used and then the other takes over, the difference is cosmetic.

  3. hey Neil …i met you at the movie thing you had for the seeds here in phoenix AZ..we sure had a great time with your movie and meeting you..this is the stuff our band did in the 80s it was recorded on a boom box.. so please excuse the sloppiness.. you seemed really cool for a big time record guy..just thought you might get a laugh out of this…thanks again for signing my spoon full of seedy blues record… all the best as they called me the syndrum ..thanks Greg Downey

  4. Neil —

    Thanks for the Clifford Brown/Max Roach CD. We’d love to have more classic jazz records for the library here at Jefferson Public Radio

    1250 Siskiyou Boulevard
    Ashland, OR 97520

  5. I am producing a documentary in my film and TV class and it is about the Star Trek fan club scene and a focus on our club within the Starfleet International association. I would like to use music from some of the Star Trek film scores and wanted to know the best way to gain permission to use the music as it fits with my idea?

    Its for college but if doc turns out great I might want to showcase it for a wider audience,

    thank you

    1. Hi Neil, for permission on Star Trek film scores you would need to apply to Paramount. For TV scores, CBS.

  6. Hello, Mr. Norman. I recently saw a documentary featurette on the subject of Snader Telescriptions, which was wonderfully hosted by your father. Are you familiar with the featurette? Have you any idea when it was filmed?

    Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.
    Henry Sorenson
    Miami, FL

    In case you haven’t seen it on YouTube, here’s the link:

  7. Hi, Neil! I tried to e-mail you about this last week, but I didn’t get a reply.

    A friend and I are starting a Godzilla podcast, and we wanted to know if we could use either of the songs “Theme from Godzilla” or “Monster Zero March” by you and your Cosmic Orchestra as our show’s theme song. These are from the “Best of Godzilla” albums. My cohost and I love those renditions, and we would honored to use them with your permission.


  8. Hi Neil,
    I thought of you today as I put on my original press Web of Sound. I remember first seeing that vibey Crescendo label and going “Oh, these guys were on a cool independent label (and being reminded of some vintage, regional R&B things w their groovy label graphics)! What a pleasure it was for Quiet! to perform before your film. The whole group enjoyed meeting w you on Thurs. and hearing tales of “The Strip.” Here’s a link to listen our first album (and a link to hear a preview of our forthcoming one). Safe travels!

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