I’ve made this movie because I really love the Seeds music and was lucky enough to hang out with them as a young teenager and was inspired. They achieved true stardom. Very exciting! Women going crazy, selling out concerts, money rolling in, national and local tv appearances, albums on the charts. They appeared on my father’s record label GNP and I saw it all ignite. They were also extraordinarily nice guys and very generous.

Their story needs to be told. Part of my drive is to illustrate what rock-heroes these guys were. Also, they just happened to be real nice guys. It was wonderful to witness.

Sky was a genius but he needed the band. It was a unique chemistry. That’s why if groups break up or someone dies, it’s never the same. The original foursome of the Seeds were like lightning in a bottle.

In the movie we learn that all four members, and a studio bassist, Harvey Sharpe, were sincere, talented and they all made significant contributions. They were dedicated and professional. They were imaginative and unusual. That’s why their work endures.

To have Iggy Pop complimenting Sky Saxon and the Seeds was the real deal. Articulate and savvy about the music business. Performing and surviving, Iggy remains endlessly profound and impressive. A Seeds fan, he invited us to his remarkable home in Florida. I’ve met many legends like him from Orson Welles to Jerry Goldsmith and it becomes readily apparent why they are successful. They are pretty damn smart and pretty damn talented (like the Seeds).

In doing a documentary you have to get the goods. We went to Mount Everest and beyond to get photos, clips, and personalities in the Seeds universe. We had to find the people who were there in the recording studio, on stage as well as the audience. I even hired my own private investigator! The Seeds poster was created by the immortal psychedelic artist Bob Masse. When I saw and heard Miss Pamela Des Barres (a legend herself), on a UK television show, I knew she would be perfect to narrate the fascinating audio/visual journey of The SEEDS. Collectively, all the pieces bring the story of The SEEDS together.