The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard – Santa Fe Pasatiempo

Steve Terrell

Richard Marsh, better known as Sky Saxon, was the singer of the Seeds, one of most important ’60s-garage, proto-punk (and don’t forget flower-power) bands in rock ’n’ roll history. This documentary, directed by Neil Norman, traces the history of Saxon from his early days in Hollywood making quasi-doo-wop singles as “Little Richie Marsh” to the Seeds’ glory days as young gods of Sunset Strip,  and through Saxon’s sudden decline, which former bandmates attribute to a harsh combination of ego and massive ingestion of LSD. But this film is more of a celebration than a behind-the-scene cautionary tale. Former Seeds as well as major fans like Iggy Pop give context to this ultimately heartbreaking, if somewhat predictable rock ‘n’ roll portrait. Norman appears at both screenings.

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