Documentary: Revisit The Seeds Nov. 8 at La Paloma in Encinitas (Seaside Courier)

Article by: Jen Van Tieghem

While Millennials may not recognize The Seeds’ band name on sight, current generations of music-makers and fans undoubtedly feel their effect. Contemporary rockers ooze with the influence of garage and psychedelic rock, two styles The Seeds pioneered throughout the 1960s.

As the seasons turn back to these classic genres there could be no better time to revisit a band of that original era. Thus the documentary, “Pushin’ Too Hard,” named for The Seeds’ Top 40 hit, premiered earlier this year at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood—and now it’s coming to a venue near you.

The legendary music and story of The Seeds will arrive by way of La Paloma Theatre, 471 S. Coast Highway 101, in Encinitas, with a screening of “Pushin’ Too Hard” at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 8.

The 110-minute film, narrated by author Pamela Des Barres, explores The Seeds’ rise to popularity and eventual decline. Their intriguing story is told through vintage concert footage and audio, rare photos and new interviews with surviving band members and fans, including Iggy Pop and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.

Neil Norman, an award-winning producer and performer, who now owns the 60-year-old record label, worked with many others to bring The Seeds legacy to the silver screen.

“As my father, Gene Norman, signed them [to GNP Crescendo Records] in the ‘60s, I was able to witness their evolution firsthand,” said Norman, director and producer of the film. “Their music is as vibrant and important today as when it was first recorded. This is why I knew I would make a film about them.”

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