Pushin Too Hard: Rags to Riches in the New Seeds Documentary (RecordCollectorNews.com)

Article by: Harvey Kubernik

Pushin’ Too Hard, a long form documentary about seminal garage band The Seeds, directed by Neil Norman and produced by Alec Palao for the Crescendo Production Company, is scheduled for theatrical and DVD release later this year.

Norman has filmed and recorded all the original Seeds — drummer Rick Andridge, guitarist Jan Savage, Daryl Hooper, their keyboardist and singer/lyricist/ dancer Sky Saxon — from a variety of film, video and audio source tapes.

Also included are clips from interviews with Mark Weitz of the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Johnny Echols from Love, producer Kim Fowley, and Richard France, a roadie from their heyday.

Also taped were interviews with Sky’s brother Robert Marsh and sister Mary Ann Marsh, who revealed reminisced about growing up together in Salt Lake City, Utah, under his birth name, Richard Elvern Marsh.

“She saw it all,” says Norman. “She got to hang out at his house in Malibu. She got to see people go crazy over her brother and hear his records on the radio. She enjoyed it immensely. Early on he’d always have an entourage of girls. He was a magnetic sex symbol. She’s very childlike, fun and smart. Like Sky.”

Norman is currently wrapping up business and licensing activities which might include Seeds sixties television appearances from The Mothers-In-Law andAmerican Bandstand, as well as potential clips “Mr. Farmer” and “Pushin’ Too Hard” fromWhere the Action Is and footage fromShebang!

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