Hello world!

Well, this is something new, and something I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time. Whatever part of our diverse portfolio of music holds your interest, I am hoping that this will be the place not only to begin but also to explore and perhaps discover something more of use than you came looking for.


Over on the left there, labeled “Our Network” you will see the Green Neon Planet family of sites. Some of them are fully functional, such as GeneNorman.com and the Store, some are works in progress. Neil’s site will be a photo extravaganza with some costumes and sets to remember. Neil and Skyview Music will be more sedate catalogs of the copyrights we are able to license for film and tv and for recording. In development is also what we have given the working title of the “Mothership” which will be a searchable database of all masters available for licensing, with audio to sample and a comprehensive tagging system.

While this is all getting built behind the scenes, I’ll be sharing some of our recent and best historical press, stories, anecdotes and music.