Delivery Date Incoming for Web of Sound

It’s finished and getting packed onto pallets and will soon be winging its way to us. As soon as we have a firm ETA we’ll let you know when it’ll be available to ship.

A Web of Sound

The next instalment in our refurbished Seeds vinyl catalog is A Web Of Sound, originally released in October 1966 just as their classic ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ began to ascend the US hit parade.

The record retained the crazed energy of the Seeds’ eponymous debut, but dosed it with a growing maturity and a willingness to experiment. It was written and recorded during the bands legendary residencies at Hollywood’s underground haven Bido Litos, alongside Love and the embryonic Doors. Notorious at the time for the 14-minute showstopper ‘Up In Her Room,’ A Web Of Sound also features some of the Seeds’ signature works including ‘Mr Farmer’, ‘Tripmaker’ and ‘A Faded Picture.’

This definitive 2 LP edition features the original stereo mix of A Web Of Sound, unavailable on vinyl since the 1960s. The accompanying bonus album of rarities includes mono mixes and outtakes, such as the cryptic early demo of ‘The Wind Blows Your Hair,’ with its mildly controversial original lyric. Most are new to vinyl, and one cut, an alternate take of ‘Rollin’ Machine,’ is completely unreleased.

As before, the deluxe A Web Of Sound comes in a handsome tip-on style gatefold sleeve, faithfully reproducing the records iconic original artwork. The extensively illustrated eight-page insert features detailed liner notes from compiler Alec Palao on the making of this psych-garage classic.

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