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Fall Tour Dates

A fall tour for 2016 is shaping up. The following dates will anchor hopefully many more. More details as we get nearer the dates.

September 17th, Saturday – Hollywood Theatre, Pittsburgh PA
September 18th, Sunday – Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
October 1st, Saturday – Cinema Arts Centre Long Island, Huntington NY
October 8th, Saturday – Regent Theater, Boston MA

Neil is working hard to add firm dates in Detroit and Three Rivers MI, Columbus OH, Rochester NY and more.

The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard – Santa Fe Pasatiempo

Steve Terrell

Richard Marsh, better known as Sky Saxon, was the singer of the Seeds, one of most important ’60s-garage, proto-punk (and don’t forget flower-power) bands in rock ’n’ roll history. This documentary, directed by Neil Norman, traces the history of Saxon from his early days in Hollywood making quasi-doo-wop singles as “Little Richie Marsh” to the Seeds’ glory days as young gods of Sunset Strip,  and through Saxon’s sudden decline, which former bandmates attribute to a harsh combination of ego and massive ingestion of LSD. But this film is more of a celebration than a behind-the-scene cautionary tale. Former Seeds as well as major fans like Iggy Pop give context to this ultimately heartbreaking, if somewhat predictable rock ‘n’ roll portrait. Norman appears at both screenings.

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RIVERSIDE: The Seeds documentary will take root at Mission Tobacco Lounge (The Press Enterprise)


Film director, musician and record label head Neil Norman spent years looking through people’s attics, poring over tapes, photos and bits of 8mm films, searching for anything he could on influential Southern California rock band the Seeds.

“We took all of the pieces and made a puzzle out of it,” Norman said in a telephone interview earlier this week.

In 2014, seven years after Norman and producer Alec Palao started, they released the fruits of their labor in the form of the documentary, “The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard,” which chronicles the band’s meteoric rise in the 1960s and its influence as well as its demise.

Norman, who directed the documentary, and Palao will be on hand for a screening of the film on Saturday, June 6, at Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside.

After the film, there will be a Q&A session and then there will be music from the Sloths, the Woolly Bandits and Vicky and the Vengents.

Growing up, Norman had a front-row seat for the ride of the Seeds. His father had signed the band to record label GNP Crescendo, which Norman now runs. The director remembered hearing the Seeds for the first time when he was 10 or 11.

“I was his adolescent A&R man,” Norman said.

While the first song his father released wasn’t a big hit for the Seeds, there was potential there and “Pushin’ Too Hard” became the band’s signature song, cracking the Top 40. Soon the band landed on “American Bandstand” and ushered in the flower-power movement.

“I saw the girls go crazy,” Norman said.

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‘The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard,’ a documentary about a forgotten mid-’60s rock act, screens May 9 at the Fremont Theater (New Times)

Article by: GLEN STARKEY

Oh, rock ’n’ roll, you never cease to amaze me! From all your pretty 27-year-old corpses to your excesses to your plane crashes to your classic rise and fall stories of ambition, fame, hubris, and the slow spiral into irrelevance, you seem to have an endless supply of cautionary tales.

A new film by musician, composer, actor, and director Neil Norman tells the fantastic, gleeful, tragic tale of 1960s garage rock wunderkinds The Seeds, a band credited with creating the idea of flower power, whose frontman Sky Saxon is the prototypical rock god, who like Icarus, flew too close to the sun and plummeted back to earth in an inglorious heap.

This Saturday, May 9, at 9 p.m., the historic Fremont Theater will screen The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard, a full-length rock ’n’ roll documentary that through archival footage, photos, and recordings—along with contemporary interviews with music biz notables—tells the story of a quartet of young men who spent about 18 glorious months in the spotlight. It’s mostly the story of Sky, née Richard “Richie” Marsh, a sweet Utah-born Mormon kid who went to Hollywood and became bigger than life. It’s also the story about how sometimes personality is enough to transcend marginal talent and launch someone into fame. As Iggy Pop (one of those interviewed) said, like a lot of the best rock performers, Sky couldn’t really sing. He was bigger than mere vocal talent.

Director Neil Norman had a front-row seat to the rise and fall of The Seeds.

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